ALA 2018

Auction Rules

Auction Registration

Auction Rules

  1. You do not have to be a club member or ALA member to buy or sell.

  2. BAP and Species Maintenance fish will sell first.

  3. All non-livebearer species will be auctioned after ALL livebearing fish are sold.

  4. Credit cards are accepted with a 2.75% charge to your card.

  5. All items must be labeled with seller's name, phone number, seller id with item number, species name, quantity in bag and any other pertinent information.

  6. "Pair" means one of each sex. "Mated Pair" means the pair has spawned with one another. "Trio" means one male and two females. 

  7. Proper fish bags must be used. Double bagging is recommended. Bags should contain 2/3 air and 1/3 water. Any bags that are unacceptable will be rebagged for a $1.00 fee for each item, deducted from the seller's proceeds.

  8. There is a limit of 5 bags/items of any one color, type or variety per seller.

  9. There is a 50 bag/item limit total per seller. For every 5 items, sellers will receive one red priority dot. The items with a red priority dot will sell first at the auction. It is the seller's choice which items to tag as red priority items. Seller will receive colored dots for the rest of his or her items. Color will be drawn at random to determine sell order after the red priority items.

  10. Tables are broken down into subcategories sellers are responsible for taking auction items to the check-in tables. Check-in will distribute items to the appropriate tables. No styros or coolers are allowed in the tables area.

  11. No minimum bids will be accepted.

  12. The auction committee reserves the right to reject any items not fit for sale.

  13. There is a call-up system in place. Buyers may pay a service fee of $2.00 to bring any item up for immediate auction. The fee will not count toward payment of bid and is non-refundable. $2.00 cash will be collected from buyer prior to the item being auctioned and does not guarantee the buyer paying the fee will win the bid for that item. The highest bid will wins the item. Any item may be called up after the priority items have been auctioned.

  14. Any items that do not sell become the property of GVAC. Once an item is registered it cannot be removed from the auction without the auction committee's approval. 

  15. Neither GVAC or the ALA (nor any their representatives) will be held responsible for any items entered into this auction, nor for any personal injury incurred during the event.

  16. The auctioneer had final say on any items sold for auction.

  17. The selling price will be split 70/30 with the seller receiving 70% of the sale. GVAC will mail checks within two weeks. Sellers must provide a self-addressed stamped envelope.

  18. Species banned for sale at GVAC events due to regulation by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and the DNR. The DNR Website - Invasive Species is here