ALA 2018

Schedule of Events


Schedule of Events & Tours


Friday, May 4

9:00 am: Collecting trip

Local Collecting Trip - Collect Native Michigan fishes!

Join us on a trip to local Michigan steams where we will find native darters, killifish and others. We will carpool to different locations, bring your waders, favorite collecting net and bathing suits. This is a great chance to observe and photograph native Michigan fish in their natural habitat!

Note - Michigan Fishing license must be purchased, click here to purchase.

12 pm: Brewery & Shop Hop Tour


Local Shop Hop, Fish Room and Breweries Tour

Grand Rapids is lucky to have some great local fish shops and breweries! Stops include Blue Fish Aquarium, Water Colors Aquarium Gallery, nearby microbreweries and local fishkeeper's fish rooms. 

Friday, May 4 — Details Coming Soon

4:30 – 7:00pm: Registration is open

5:00 pm: Goodied Working Group & Rare Fish Auction

5:00 pm: Vendor Room Open

7:30 pm: Southwest Michigan Aquarium Society Talk

8:00 pm: Vendor Room Closes

8:00 – 11:00 pm: Hospitality Suite Open / Room Sales

8:00 pm: ALA Board of Directors Meeting


Saturday, May 5

9:00 am – 11:00 am: Registration is open

8:00 am: Speaker – Patrick Miller, "Livebearers & Ponds"

9:00 am: Vendor Room Open

9:30 am: Speaker – Caleb McMahan, "Diversification & Biogeography of Middle American Fish"

11:00 am: Speaker – Pat Hartman, "North American Goodied Working Group Study Tour"

12 pm: Student Poster Presentation, Arely Ramirez Garcia

1:00 pm: Speaker – Ben VanDinther, "Planted Tanks"

2:00 pm: Show Room Closed for Judging

2:30 pm: Speaker – Cory McElroy

4:00 pm: Speaker – Jurgen Kasprick, "Live Foods, Their Use & Culture"

5:00 pm: Wine Tasting

5:00 pm: Vendor Room Closed

6:00 pm: Banquet & Awards
(6:00 pm: Cocktails)
(6:30 pm: Dinner)

8:00 – 11:00 pm: Hospitality Suite Open / Room Sales

Show Room Reopens After Dinner


Convention Banquet

We welcome you to join us for the convention banquet featuring guest speaker Cory McElroy. The banquet also includes dinner and a great opportunity to talk to other hobbyists! Learn more about Cory on our speakers page.

Saturday, May 5 — Banquet Only $40, banquet also included in full convention package


Sunday, May 6

9:00 am: Auction Registration

10:00 am: Fish must be out of Show Room

11:00 am: Auction Begins

Livebearer Auction

Join us for an all-livebearer auction at the conclusion of the convention!